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In early 2013 my Father told me about a dog my Great Grandfather, Russell had on the farm, the dogs name was Lassie and she was a working farm dog. The dog went out on the farm with my Great Grandpa everywhere, she went hunting with him, followed him on his horse all over the valley, even to church, and would stand watch over the cattle in the field across from them while they cut tobacco. I fell in love with the stories and the breed, so I began doing research on them. At the time it was not possible for me to adopt one of the OTSC because of my Grandfathers health. Fast forward to early 2016 I began inquiring about a puppy in the OTSC line. I searched to no avail and finally found a dog named Merle from the Vaccaros in Austin, TX.

As soon as I saw pictures I knew I wanted to adopt Merle, with a lot of transportation assistance the Wards and the Penses, I was able to arrange transportation for Merle Flash from Austin, TX to the OTSC picnic in Tennessee, where Vicki Pense of Six Pense Farms was able to take over transportation to their home in Illinois. Merle Flash spent a week with the Pense family and then continued on his trip to West Virginia with them as they were visiting relatives in the state only a couple hours from me. I am grateful to the Wards and the Penses for their help in the transportation of Merle Flash to his new home with me.

My ultimate goal was to eventually adopt a female puppy from a different line in order to assist families like the Wards, Penses, and Vaccaros in reviving this line of amazing and intelligent dogs. Thankfully, Tonya Ward fell in love with Merle Flash and decided that Blinky would be a great match with Flash. Arrangements were made for Blinky to get a flight to West Virginia on August, 9th, 2016 and she arrived at her new home with Flash and Myself. I gave Blinky the name Zoe and their is a specific reason I chose that name. The name Zoe is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Zoe is "life".

The arrival of Blinky Zoe gave life to the idea of owning a pair of OTSC dogs, male and female, and becoming a breeder to help give more life to the OTSC line.

Our Dogs

Merle Flash

Old Time Scotch Collie

Intact: YES

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Blinky Zoe

Old Time Scotch Collie


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Old Time Scotch Collie

Intact: Yes

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Jack Hound

Siberian Husky/German Shepherd Mix

Intact: NO

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Bruce (Brewskie)

German Shepherd Mutt

Intact: NO

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PUPS JUN 7, 2018


MALE - Sable Cryptic





ESTHER (david)











RESERVED - New Jersey



RESERVED - Half Way, MO $750 picture not available

Contact Us

Call or Text: 304 - 761 - 3953 Email at: Please place "OTSC Puppies" in the subject line!


When are the puppies available?

Generally eight to ten weeks after birth. The current litter of puppies may be picked up after August 1, 2018.

Do you deliver my puppy to me?

We do not deliver puppies to you. It is the responsibility of the person adopting the puppy to arrange transportation for the puppy. We will make reasonable accommodations to help you receive your puppy.

ALL costs associated with transporting the puppy are the responsibility of the person adopting the puppy and is not included in the purchase price of the puppy.

You may pick your puppy up here at our farm.

We will not fly puppies alone over four hours total including layover. You must personally pick up and fly with your puppy if flying is the method of transport you choose. You may also pay for me to fly round-trip with you puppy, but I will not fly the puppy alone. All departures and returns must be from Charleston, WV Yeager Airport (CRW). We have decided this is the safest way to fly puppies at this time due to cancellations, delays, and other unknown factors that can arise and do not want a puppy to be by himself, stranded, with no one he knows, or to care for him.

How do I reserve a puppy?

The only way to reserve a puppy is to pay for the puppy via PayPal. When puppies are less than four weeks old a deposit of $500 will reserve your puppy. After four weeks old the full price of the puppy is required to reserve him/her. We will NOT hold puppies without a non-refundable deposit. All payments must be submitted by paypal and can be sent to

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Do your puppies come with up to date vaccinations?

Puppies will receive their first puppy shots at the discretion of our veterinarians suggested schedule, typically at 6-8 weeks. A record of shots will be included with your purchased puppy.

Where can I get more information about the Old Time Scotch Collie Breed?

Here are some excellent resources about the OTSC breed.

Old-Time Scotch Collie Association​​​

Old Time Farm Shepherd​​​

What are the cost of your puppies?

Please see the details under the puppy you are interested in.

Where can I find a list of other breeders?

Other breeders can be located here:

OTSC Breeder's Map​​​

When are you planning another litter?

We are not planning any more litters for Zoe after this litter. We want her to have the opportunity to be a farm collie, and not just pop out puppies. She is a wonderful mother to her puppies and could easily give us a couple more litters. A final decision on letting her have another litter will be made after the puppies from her current litter quit nursing.

Do you have references?

We have references from all the puppies we have adopted. I can get you their facebook, email, and/or phone numbers upon request.

Pups-Nov 14.2017


Female - Tricolor - Adopted

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Female - Tricolor - Adopted

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Male - Tricolor - Adopted

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Male - Blue Merle - Adopted

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Male - Sable Hidden Merle (Crypric) - Adopted

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Princess Gisla

Female - Sable Hidden Merle (Cryptic) - Adopted

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Female - Sable Hidden Merle (Cryptic) - Adopted

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Male - Sable & White - Adopted

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